Toto - Rosanna (Video)

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Toto - Rosanna (Video)

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Toto - Rosanna (Video) i still love this beautiful song of the 80s........
Not sure why people would come here to listen to this song and the hit the unlike button. Smh BTW I'm listening to this in 2018😎😎😎😍😍😍
Just unbelievable musicians in this band; Jeff Porcaro lays down a sick groove in this tune, what a loss to the music world
excelente cancion y mejor video, ha que años aquellos
Who played Rosanna in the video? BTW, that is not Ron Jeremy singing..
Porn hub intro
Rosanna a T H O T
How did you even get in the fence you cant go through the fence or climb it their separate entities so if you did im not cleaning up after you on the fingerprints
Beat you all the way
Im rosanna
2:11 En los 80´s te robaban con estilo...extraño esos rateros ;v
Always has been one of my all time fav songs. Thanks, Toto!
Which of the three guys are brothers?
Take Russia
Cynthia Rhodes is so hot in this
En el 2018 ....lo sigo escuchando ❤✌#TOTO
2018 and the harmony in this song resonates just as if this song was released yesterday. That kind of harmony will last thru the ages. If I live to be 1000 years old, I’ll never get tired of this treasure.
Thank you Capt. Obvious 😗