Toto - Rosanna (Official Music Video)

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Toto - Rosanna (Official Music Video)

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Toto - Rosanna (Official Music Video) When the first second of this song started, I thought it was Pornhub
My name is rossana I hate this song my mom find that name 😡🔥let me die please don't say my name ok!!!!!!!!!!!!???????
4:24 this is so much gay
2:23 mood
That groove though.
Real music, real musicians
Beautifull Song!
American Horror Story: Coven brought me here. 😈😁
Anyone watching in 2018
Haha what amazing harmonists song writers n musicians Toto are never appreciated them back then.
True musicians displaying their craft. Period. No slouches here. You dont see this today. Died with grunge in 90's
Rewinding back time
Kimball's voice is objectively perfect
I heard this song a billion times and never knew it was Toto.
Broken hearts...........
Is that Samantha from SatC?
I wonder if this video influenced Michael Jackson and his Beat It video? Not long after this, several of the guys in Toto provided most of the music on his Thriller LP.
I guess this video was a little delayed since David Hungate played bass on this album but Mike Porcaro is in the video.
one of the hottest music videos ever
All I wanna do when I wake up in the morning is

Hold the Line