Toto - Rosanna (Video)

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Toto - Rosanna (Video)

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Toto - Rosanna (Video) I will never ever get tired of this great song. God I love this band.
TFW your band is dropped into the middle of a fight between the Jets and the Sharks
Was Patrick Swayze one of the dancers?
Cynthia Rhodes es la bailarina .
So he was in love with Roseanne Arquette her brother is David Arquette (married to Courtney Cox) and their Grandpa was Charle Weaver the 1960s Bar Tender toy, aka Cliff Arquette from 1970s Hollywood Squares. But what happened to Steve Porcaro the keyboard player and Roseanne
Str Banger
Huge crush on Cynthia Rhodes. Especially because I found out she loves her parents and refused to do nude scenes because she respects them too much. Need more girls like her.
Who ever produced Toto did a Fabulous Job, The 80's were GREAT!
Contrary to popular belief, that is NOT Patrick Swayze in the video, just someone who may remind a person of Swayze when you get a quick glimpse of a person, which is exactly what happened here.
Meet you all the way (in Africa where we will bless the rains), Rosanna
I just heard this song and I love it... I was definitely born in the wrong musical era...
What can you really say. These guys are up there at the pinnacle of pop music. They’re just so damn good.
4:50 ¿Was that planned?
Written for Rosanna Arquette
mothafuckin musically
Oh yes!
This was concidered cool in the early 80s ..HaHa
Patrick Swayze brought me here.