Train - Angel in Blue Jeans (starring Danny Trejo & Hannah Simone)

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Train - Angel in Blue Jeans (starring Danny Trejo & Hannah Simone)

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Train - Angel in Blue Jeans (starring Danny Trejo & Hannah Simone) Love it.Video awesome
2018 anyone??
i would have preferred it if he just shot everyone
I think Trejo's love was taken from him at a much younger age. Hence, the flashbacks. Now, he keeps on dreaming of getting her back and getting his ride into the sunset. He doesn't remember himself to be young. He only remembers the agelessness of his Angel In Blue Jeans.
I don't know but I cry every time I watch this video.
Hey Train, great concert in Seattle Key last night!
muito bom, from Brasil
I love this song iam vh rapper from india 🎤🎤🎼🎙🎹 this song is best sad feeling song
That guy looks like ass
Only 12m views . Wtf 😑
The best song❤❤❤
So ive loved this song sinced it has been released, but i didnt notice until now that that's Cece from New girl
Moral of the video: Don’t fuck with Danny Trejo
And also what did u mean when u told me on ur shimmering words page that I would have 2 be a GOD 2 change sumthing i cant remember the other parts n this was all on the last week of August last year.
So now can u tell me sumthing why did u lie?
Looks like the back road to Vegas from Palm Springs (Kelso?)
Hi I'm you biggest fan I know everything about you and I was the youngest one at your concert you took my dad's phone and took a pic and I was eating a pink soalsisster shirt hope you remember me please try and text back but I know you are very busy I k is all of your songs I love angle in blue jeamdls mg dad loves big Apple took a bite out of me ok bye I love you xx Tia