Train de Nuit - CHANEL N°5

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Train de Nuit - CHANEL N°5

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Train de Nuit - CHANEL N°5 İstanbul 💕
can’t be
0:42 is she smelling her armpits?
Audrey Tatou is simply sublime and breathtaking in this...
Waw here İstanbul do beautiful place
0:31 she is so stunning!!
Magnifico, deslumbrante e admiravel
I want an entire movie of this.
For those who live in Europe are these kinda of trains still popular and in use? Do you ever sleep in these over night trains, is this a common way to travel?
El mejor comercial de perfume jamas hecho.
She plays gabrielle chanel in coco before chanel
Sexual harassment!
Ohh Audrey.
Who is here after simply falling version?
...such a fool to hold you. ❤
Like it thank you
I was rooting for them real hard