Two feat. Kaya - Angel

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Two feat. Kaya - Angel

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Two feat. Kaya - Angel Kaya been reallllly into drugs and prostitution,and still promotes the group she prostituted with! Weird! That must be why she looks 50 with her druggie wrinkles=( damn she has aged herself so quickly and is still all alone and has no family of her own-how sad for a Christian woman! Also she needs to realize her tattoos are as bad as her pre marital sex with all these random men while she’s trying to get famous -smh! Kaya you preach one thing and live another! So sad!!!! I don’t usually judge others but she has been preaching a lot and doesn’t live it
nu înțeleg dar vă mulțumesc foarte frumos dacă se poate românește vă urez o zi buna
I love this song.
2018 😇
Baby i'm your angel, Please don't be a stranger.
Love music 🎶
awesome song
My favorite songs so 😍😍😉😉
Akceny My Love
Music Video.
MD. Al-Amin
wow vary vary song
vary nice song
when september i still hear this song
My favorite songs
Its my favorite song.keep it up in all things
awesome music 😍😍😍
super vidio clip si melodia