Tyga - Stimulated

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Tyga - Stimulated

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Tyga - Stimulated Hold up so the instrumental was from a song children and he talking bout fucking a underage girl 😂😂😂😂 he had to know
This gets funnier each time I watch it
Sorry tigger bro but you cant roll for shit
wait what
Tyga El Mejor 💯💪 la canción esta poderosa 👊
who watchin' 9/17
Tra #RAW please $$$$
T-RAW Crazy ✌
i wonder what she thinks now or if she misses him
Southern Cali is gorgeous
Ain't no way in hell he read them pages that fast
This used to be the shid
This nigga was cool until he sold his soul to the devil . . .
Who is still listening?
Kylie and Tyga the cutest couple ever!🙏✌😘💜
He is the only rapper that is seen reading a notebook that's gangsta
man i really love your lyrics....you kill it nigga
I Love this Song