Tyga - Stimulated

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Tyga - Stimulated

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Tyga - Stimulated I love this song!
it sucks because there kylie jenner
Santa Lause
Como se llama la canción Real ?
Wow! Tyga is truly untalented and crap at this rap game hey?! I'd give him a C- for effort.... An absolutely terrible lyricist! Shocking smdh! lmao!!!
He is just Eww
all the Pedos stand up
Oh shit
"They say I should've waited" Awwww, he's talking about Kylie!!! #goals
Dok. filma
i love u kylie
Tbh i just came here for kylie
1:17 So this is how her tits were and is this nigga Tyga wearing lipstick?
So...this time, he just stole a beat from a classic song... and ...I can't with this guy...
RIP Robert Miles
Song was sounded ok until 2:20 this is were bro went straight up pedo-bear
1:45 blunt rolling skills trash
People really needa chill with giving these hoes attention It's annoyin enough seeing them everyday on Snapchat news