U2 - Beautiful Day

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U2 - Beautiful Day

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U2 - Beautiful Day It will be a beautiful day when this abortion loving group of devils is consigned to the lake of fire where they belong. Too bad such a great song was sung by a group of Satanists.
mark rutte sent me here.
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Love this song💞💞💞
Love leur hymne à une nouvelle journée.-Forever U2.
Anyone 2018 this song is so beautifull
Play this song for the football! ⚽
Not sure you should play heavy metal music on a runway.
Maxa muito bom
I came here because I flew out of de Gaulle.
2018 Hello from Russia
Arguably one of U2's best songs. I got to see them perform this live when they performed at Soldier Field in Chicago. Amazing experience!
bon jovis its my life lost a grammy to this song...
truly speaking this song is nowhere near its my life.. u2 means only money
When I hear this song, I imagine watching Triple H rehabilitation video they played when he was making a comeback from his name injury
Really BEATIFUL, my mother wake up from anestesia, for me REALLY BEATIFULL DAY!! :) ...no one ever knows.. ...and alot of alcohol ;)
This song makes you feel like anything is possible