U2 - Vertigo

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U2 - Vertigo

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U2 - Vertigo Did not appreciate this gem when it came out
My left ear is enjoying this
Hello, Hello............HELLO !!!!!!!
Why a video that has 50 million views is a 480Pee
Someone in 2018?
un, dos, tres, al Once!
I want this U2 back
du nu nu nu nu nu nu nu Banana pickle boat
who remembers Kidz bop fucking this good song up.
I do love it!
I came here while listening to Your Favorite Band Sucks. They urged listeners to go listen to this to see just how bad it is. It's worse than I could have imagined. I think I remember it from a commercial. I'll bet that commercial didn't sell anything.
This music is embarrassing, and the people in the band dwell in a place far beyond douche horizon.
Alfred Hitchcock brought me here
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Awe man. Now I REALLY want a tele just so I can play this song. 😂😍🤘
BRASIL, 31 julho 2018