U2 - Vertigo

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U2 - Vertigo

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U2 - Vertigo I remember this song in high school awesome u2 is amazing
I would listen to this with my boys, and other artists like Linkin Park.
terrible spanish.
Ryan Anders Ryan vbgygguyh
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clases de ingles con bono, quien dijo yo ?
- I don't get tired of this visual.
- U2 is truly one of the world's greatest band, especially live.
- It's also one of the most naive (ah those leftish christians). Like in recent show (after the Bataclan attack I think) when Bono said that "islam a good religion of peace".
Naive; or stoopid?
Ah que friiio
a melhor banda do mundo em atividade hoje u2 vamo que vamo bono vox
Excellent song. Excellent video. Excellent group. What can I say. All the stars aligned perfectly here.
Aparte del guiño del 1,2,3,14..cantan (hola!) y (dónde está!)..Una de las mejores bandas para mí;) SalU2
2018 anyone??
Bono stated in several interviews that he was quite drunk when he recorded it. The song originated from when Bono was at a night club and was very drunk, and when he stood up he kept his balance by staring at a crucifix around a girls neck. Hence the term "vertigo" .
Excelente banda boa música perfeita saudades desse tempo que não volta mais saudades
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONO!!!! Love you and miss you!
2:24 this almost kills me