U2 - Vertigo

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U2 - Vertigo

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U2 - Vertigo 0:36 to 0:47

ripoff from sonic youth - dirty boots
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Jumping straight from 3 to 14 is intentional, isn't it?
I read; it was like his interpretation of releasing all of the song's energy from a low level to a far higher one...
Hi there yeah man rock 🎸
@:14 “turn it up loud...captain” has some debate as to who said it. (No it’s not demons in your headphones)
it's B (ono for both).
E said (in spanish?) "if you free me, you can have your KEY back."

Bono: "Turn it up loud"
Edge: "Captain"

FROM: www.u2interference.com/forums/f288/turn-it-up-loud-captain-97105.html
(In brackets my additions/suggestions...empathic autocomplete)
your luv is deep champagne 2-me
amo a terra
damn, those are some wide area earth magic they got there...
Vertigo .adrenalina
This is the only U2 song I really like.
I can feel U2
Uno Dos Tres Catorce....
Bono= She's the shit!
Do do do, do do, do do do banana pickle boat.
"Turn it up, uh, captain"

No, seriously, turn it up or you're freakin' demoted!
wtf is this