U2 - Vertigo

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U2 - Vertigo

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U2 - Vertigo Dispensa comentários esse som, VAI SER TOP ASSIM NA PQP!!!!!
Finally found It !
Excelente banda ótima música perfeita saudades desse tempo que não volta mais
Who here of London Fireworks 2019
whitebeard vibes
1,2,3,14 backwards 14,3,2,1
Isaiah 14:3-21=the inspiration for this song🔆SOL⚕️ INVICTVS 🔆
1,2,3...14 BINGO! 🙆
Still listening in 2029
U2 froom indonesia " virza " is the best
Teledysk wymiata 🤘👌😈
Still love it. Love Bono!!
Kim Wilde brought me here.
If ever a song tried too hard - it's this one.
I wanted to listen to this song after the doctor told me that I have vertigo!!
This song is connected to some very strong memories of my childhood. My parents were/are huge U2 fans and they used to play this (and other U2 songs) a lot when I was growing up and somehow this song really stuck with me. I’m currently doing an exchange year in the US and I can’t talk to them as often as I sometimes would want to so when I start missing them I put this song on to bring back those memories
I’m only here cause of sing star
Nadie Sabe Nada
great !!