Until It's Gone (Official Video) - Linkin Park

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Until It's Gone (Official Video) - Linkin Park

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Until It's Gone (Official Video) - Linkin Park Now that he's gone...
The hunting party is such an amazing album
I fuc*ing love each and every one of their songs, srsly, dunno what it is, maybe the things i had to deal with when i was younger; physical and emotional abuses, but each song is like a bliss to me; something more than a music, something transcedental that helps me through the day. They really helped me when i needed help the most. Thank you Chester and other LP guys, i will always remeber you as someone who was there for me in my darkest times.
This beautiful song and video deserve way more then 37 million views wtf!!!!
Until its gone
Sorry that we couldnt save you..... but you saved us.. rest in peace friend
Amo esta canción mi Favorita de The Hunting Party ❤
I am not alone because I aI am not alone because I heard the voice oI heard at
Any difficulties you face, shared them in any social media and with friends or even strangers.
There are kind people out there that by giving a simple answer can motivate someone to keep fighting.
Life is nothing but a constant fight to survive.
Yes, Chester, you dont know what you got, until its gone.
Waiting for Linkin Park's return..
You showed us what we had, Chester. We didn't know what we had until it was gone. We're forever with you, and you're forever with us, rest easy, friend.
This band convinced a 13 year old me in 2014 to appreciate rock music.
From then I am hooked to them
When I get with my bro I'm going to be stunning more then here cuz I'll be happy again!! Trade me to vages with my bro 💯
No, you don't know what you've got, until it's gone...
Awesome Video 2014.
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I really feel lost with my idol Chester Bennington. every time I watch a video or hear the songs I am very sad. but the meaning in each song is very meaningful. Rest In Peace Chester Bennington We All Love You ..
37 millions what?? So small amount