USA for Africa - We are the World

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USA for Africa - We are the World

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USA for Africa - We are the World how can gangnam style have more views from this?
Essa música e uma lenda
Who's watching now? October 18, 2018? This is the real music and singers.
I have this on vinyl found it at a pawn shop for $3
What a joke !!!
'20 years of 2000.
40 years ago... [1985]
I don't know why im feeling emotional right now.. love the song. I can really feel this.
2018 now reading?
Aaaah the 80s. When we pretended to care about others than ourselves. Good times.
It was broadcast live in the year 85 that the world's top pop artists performed.
Among them, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson were by far the best
2018 and still love this vid 💙💙
Love And Peace 2018
Can you imagine Frank Sinatra's voice and that song? I still remember watching that video for the first time.
Many years on and it’s still simply incredible.
Until I watched this clip I never really knew what a great singer Loinel Richie is.......anyway after listening to some of his songs......I am now a fan!