USA for Africa - We are the World

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USA for Africa - We are the World

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USA for Africa - We are the World 2:52 me and my mom love her
pretty expensive chorus..
There are so many wonderful people in this world! This song warms my heart!
why they didnt include barbra straisand prince and madonna?

huhuhu im so sad

but still an incridible song with incridible artists

its an undying song until now i used to listen to it

thanks united artists of america
2:52 only annoying voice
I respect Stevie Wonder
RIP To All Of The 80's Stars That We've Lost (☆LONG LIVE THE 80'S☆)
Who's that guy at 2:13?
This is a very good song! ^^
Stevie wonder the best
band aid - do they know it's christmas? is better
wich is the name of the musican before michael jackson?
i like this song very much
I'm a Nigeria but to say the truth USA is the best country that welcome's Africa, This music makes me to love USA more and more as my white country. Thank you all and i appreciate this beautiful track all the way from Nigeria
Sono il migliore grandi <3