USA for Africa - We are the World

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USA for Africa - We are the World

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USA for Africa - We are the World The best song
Un dia Nicaragua sera libre...
so what happened, what changed? Love is Love!!!!!!
definitively; i hear this song and i'm transporting to that years...the school, the enviroment, the olors...all we live in' s incredible!
you can feel the 1980s in this song
and some of the greatest artist in any decade it came together perfectly like a masterpiece
Stevie wonder... how tf that blind man dress so fresh 💯
2018, 2019, 2020...2100...3000... BRASIL
love cindy lauper voice
אשתי היא PMSing. לכן החברים החדשים שלי. אני מוכרח ללכת. אני תמיד רוצה לומר שאשה מאושרת שווה לבעל מאושר! אני יכול לעשות כניסה ???
It JUST came to me? SHEET(say it slowly) I can record live on Youtube!
Beautiful song good days back then like some one said earlier we will probably never see such a group of good singers in one group and a song like this
When did this Live Aid thing take place? I must have been sleeping!
Michael has written this great song. The greatest ❤️
bruce Springsteen
Musicians and actors have always been virtue signaling
I am 13 years old and i dont listen 69 or something i listen this because this is not music its a song for afrika😍
Who is the guy singing by himself with an afro and weird voice? At 3:46
Bien lucas m !!! Merci d avance amicalement de Philippe Rioux a peujard a peujard en gironde...