USA for Africa - We are the World

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USA for Africa - We are the World

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USA for Africa - We are the World ยูไรหิพ
Essa música é linda 😊😊
Bravo <3 USA for Africa ... Greetings from Slovenia
Look at all the talents the world once HAD.
what"s the reason why Madonna is not the part of them
This song still brings me to tears whenever I hear it...
steve perry's voice hits me right in the heart
If you can name everyone of the singers you grew up in the 80s
Wish I was born in this songs time
Still the same shit in Africa,all the money goes right into the so called NGO WELFARE CEO pockets !
Me encanta esta canción, me pone nostálgica
walang kamatayang music at napaka ganda.
Bunch of idiots, before you open your mouth to sing, you should question these! If you show a man to fish, he eats forever, but if you hand it to him, he will always ask. The desire to help Africa was and will always be fake. The good news for Africans is that they are finally yawning from bed, while the western media lies about the truth; financial growths and focus on the poverty, Africans are quietly just like China are working day and night to catch up. So our cousin whitee, you use to feel good about yourself looking at us, but it just a matter of time! Oh and fuck you, from Ethiopia. Cc TV grum chala, Addis Ababa et...
my favorite is when Eminem comes in spittin about how he doesn't give a fuck about any of these people
i'm 15 and this is my first time hearing this... god damn this is legit beautiful. this song is so unique and all these singers actually getting along unlike people today. makes me so fucking sad that people are how they are today.
Everyone in this music video is spectacular. I was 6 when I first saw this...still makes me feel like 6; takes me to wonderland. Nothing beats the original!
This is AMERICA,what has happen???????.
This song should be used as a theme song to try to spread a little love.just saying.
We Are The World ❤😭😍