USA for Africa - We are the World

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USA for Africa - We are the World

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USA for Africa - We are the World USA for Africa - We are the World
Realy Nice it's really sad the Michael Jackson died
i love this glad to have been around in this time.
Imagine this in 2018: li'l pump,the suavecito guy, Shakira, Drake, Jlo, Pitbull, etc ....pfffffff #Iwantmymoneyback
I love this songs so much......!
Very good music
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Thank s. Kisssss
2:25 is all you need.
I was Bob Dylan in a school production of this song
Everyone did a great job, but my god Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder killed it.😍😍
이거슨 너무나 갓곡이기 때문에 아무도 건들지 못한다
Still brings tears to my eyes ! <3 Wish more people felt this way!
Pure voices
3:04 Michael standing in the background tired of waiting for them to get their part right lol
One of if not the best song ever, so powerful. R.I.P. to all of those who have passed, who were on this album.
Better than today's "music"
What a joke.
Peace to everyone in the world. Hi from Russia - fuck the politics, let’s be friends.

Thanks for this song.
I can't even imagine the train wreck a song like this would be in 2018 with today's talent. Everything would be Auto tuned galore. It would sound like a Transformer was singing.