Vampire Weekend - 'Giving Up The Gun' (Official Music Video)

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Vampire Weekend - 'Giving Up The Gun' (Official Music Video)

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Vampire Weekend - 'Giving Up The Gun' (Official Music Video) Anyone 2018?
redheads intimidate me.. but those two are FIRE
ezra has one of the most beautiful nose ever
The mv is very fitting since the vocalist looks like Roger Federer.
her grip on the racket is shit though
ezra you're a fucking genius!!!
Last place I thought I'd find RZA. Hahaha. Segway to next video Wu-Tang
I also have a butt nose. The close up at 3:30 is very brave.
The part where Jake fell on the net I couldn't stop laughing.
This song is very funny.
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍My boi'sss
Donnie Darko is a god damn national treasure.
Was Dact Punk in this video?
saudades vw
1:19-1:26 when I listen to earrape
Can daft punk of the RZA get any love in addition to jakey gylly?
0:55 My face whenever my boss asks me to do something
chris tomson looks like greg sestero from the room