Vampire Weekend - 'Giving Up The Gun' (Official Music Video)

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Vampire Weekend - 'Giving Up The Gun' (Official Music Video)

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Vampire Weekend - 'Giving Up The Gun' (Official Music Video) Happy Birthday Contra!!!!!
Still here 2019!!!!!!!!!!
2019 still using the gun haha
People in the comment are thirsty af.
This is such an anime opening song
3:07 the butt shot
So fucking refreshing to hear this after it’s been awhile
Why is jake gyllenhaal in so many random music videos??
Does someone speak French that wants to tell me what Lil Jon's pep talk is?
Да это же Ниииииколай Соболев!
Lil Jon we always tell the truth
if you put 'jake gyllenhaal tennis' (without quotation marks of course) into youtube this is literally the first video that comes up.
Name of the song at the end?
출퇴근 할때 진짜 많이 들음 ㅋ
Hpta!! cuando este video pasaba en mtv! :'(
Hey how come i went to camp rock and you wernt there
he's playing tennis with a flask of whiskey in his hand
now my body fades behind my brass charade and I’m obsolete