Vangelis: Oceanic (Full Album)

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Vangelis: Oceanic (Full Album)

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Vangelis: Oceanic (Full Album) Fields of Coral is amazing track. Best of all.
This, and most of Vangelis was unknown to me, since the "friends of mr cairo" days with j.a. - I am grateful and appreciative for this posting/ sharing. Many times, musicians (and listeners) get in a relatively enclosed group of types or genres, artists, and favorites of their combinations of etc. Very glad this has come across my consciousness ... Thank You.
Ohh Vangelis. The best composer EVER.
Vangelis is the Reincarnation and Coalescence of Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy! He has Revived and created a Neo version of the Impressionistic age of music!
New year 2019: Alone, listening to this album while the fireworks went on outside. Couldn't have wished for anything else in that moment. :)
God said "Let There Be Music" and sent us V A N G E L I S 👍👏
Thank you!
Vangelis , Oceanic , grande el maestro!!!
Nice, just there.
this album is a masterpiece!
Dumnezeul nostru, Tată Ceresc cât de minunat. Mi-au dat lacrimile. Tu ne iubești pe toți în mod egal. Îți este milă de cei rătăciți..Te iubesc Doamne cum numai Sufletul știe. Adevărul viață veșnică :) Câtă fericire există! Îți mulțumim Dumnezule care ne-ai creat. Tu ne-ai împărtășut cu iubirea Ta pentru veci, fără nici o diferență. Pe toți ne iubești în mod egal. Simt mesajul Părintelui Arhimadrit Iustin Pîrvu în mintea mea așa cum eu simt în Tot cu Tine. Îți mulțumesc fără multe cuvinte..Veșnicie. Amin.
Junto con Voices , uno de los álbumes que puedo escuchar completamente sin saltar.
I live in the Costa Brava in Spain and one of my favorite weekend plans is to bring my phone and listen to this album while I sit on the cliffs and just watch the waves crashing. Such a powerful feeling always brings tears to my eyes. There's some incredible energy in this music, some people just won't be able to feel it, but for those who do, this is just breath taking.

But the youtube ads just made me so angry because every couple minutes the music stopped playing. Fuck that! I'm going to spotify
Ух !!! Здорово !!!
I Love Spanish Harbour.
This is my FAVORITE Vangelis album. It is soothing and strengthening when I am burnt out or anxious but also just great for any time! What a brilliant composer/musician. Peace and love.
The man is still the best in the world 👍👌
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I love it, especially because half of the album is in other keys (C major and D minor) for a change. It gives his music a whole other dimension. Careerwise most of Vangelis' music material is in C-sharp minor or D-flat major, my favorite keys by the way, but it's just nice to know that occasionally he tries something different.