Vangelis: Oceanic (Full Album)

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Vangelis: Oceanic (Full Album)

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Vangelis: Oceanic (Full Album) gracias
فوقآلعاده زیبا، آرامش‌بخش و معنوی
I always played this album to stop my dog's anxiety attacks. His larynx would start to close and he would get panic attacks - I played this music and he would start breathing normal. We both would fall asleep listening.
Prostii satului cu reclamele
Plus j'entends ce compositeur venu d'un autre âge, plus j'apprécie sa qualité. Il n'est jamais ennuyeux, créant une variété de timbres avec une excellente orchestration. Beaux thèmes, bon développement, une touche sûre et ici, un doigté serein.. :)
Song of the Seas best track
Thank you Mr Vangelis
This music has saved my life with it's beauty.
too much advertise youtube ,not good anymore.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Fields of Coral" - 27:10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Absolutely beautiful. I am a classically trained pianist, a composer, and for me, Vangelis is right up there with the masters.
What's this?
Magnifique'! ;)
Vangeli's wife is one of the most beautiful women ;)
I was very happy in my life when I listened to this music
This album/CD is very dear to me. A Masterpiece.
Es porqueria los propagandas