Vangelis: Oceanic (Full Album)

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Vangelis: Oceanic (Full Album)

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Vangelis: Oceanic (Full Album) This album/CD is very dear to me. A Masterpiece.
Es porqueria los propagandas
Spanish Harbour. Awesome.
By Russ Allgaier I once played the song of the sea, by Vangelis on a piano in a restaurant in Detroit. And a waitress who supposedly played for the Detroit Sympathy Orchestra, name withheld because of her stupidity. Ask me if I was playing the wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot. It makes me want to play the Blue Danube waltz.. by blue oyster cult.
By Russ Allgaier this is Beethoven’s sympathy #11 as talented as Beethoven was even if he had vangelis’s keyboard he still wouldn’t hold a candle to Vangelis. I still don’t understand why Vangelis would tell us (not to go off the boat)
vangelis le dieu du new age
Mi favorita 1492 (Llave tonal de la Llama Violeta)
esse CD É um dos que mais ouço de Vangelis! eu o chamo de MAGNÍFICO.
Here Vangelis just lets go and lets it flow. Across the oceans vast. Magnificent!
Bon voyage emociona
50 years I have loved the music of Vangelis so much!
Vangelis, such a genius.
Oceans, one of his very best albums. But do not forget the music of the movie Chariots of Fire, rewarded with the Academy Award for Best Original Score in 1981, and the albums Cosmos, Antarctica, China, Private Collection with Jon Anderson (Yes) and so many more. Have not you heard them? I recommend you do!
Vangelis must, in my opinion, be incorporated among the greatest composers throughout the ages, no matter what genre ...
Olá eu sou fã das canções DF o mestre evagelis coleção 10
Aquatic dance...again and again...Thank God for making me smart enough to enjoy the music, in so diverse ways!
La verdad con esta música sientes que estás navegando al infinito y más allá y que las sirenas te guían es la mejor música que e escuchado.
En el 2018 la música se echó a perder con el ráp reguetton y todo ese tipo de música en la que se escuchan hoy en día.
Esta musica es la mejor que e escuchado toda mi vida