Vince Staples - Señorita (Explicit)

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Vince Staples - Señorita (Explicit)

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Vince Staples - Señorita (Explicit) vince should make movies
wow what powerful video!
he could have the worst lyrics ever (he dont) but nobody can touch vince's creativity for these videos.
1:55 look at the guy in the right
Shouts to Boogie for getting inspiration from my mans Vince
vince staples is over looked such a shame
what a powerful video - damn
love how he's been consistently shooting videos in the LBC -
People must realize watching this, Vince is anti everything. He is anti religion, government, and is against how blacks are treated in this day and age..
0:36 "I'm focused, they stuck on that doujin"
Who sings the hook? Does anybody know?
Lil Mexico the plug
there are no words for such perfection
true religion is bro shit, i could spend that on a mac with a long clip.....thats the line
Cold ass beat
That first verse is too fire
i like that theres a couple white dudes in this vid, people tend to forget that white folks can be poor and living in the ghetto too, not trying to make it a race thing, im just saying that theres alot of poor folks who have to turn to crime from all races but most media only shows blacks struggling like every poor person does.
I believe the video might be demonstrating how hard it is to escape the ghetto