"Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise

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"Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise

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"Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise this is my favorite Weird Al song ; P
Sick bars
The dislikes probably come from the SJW types who are mad that Weird Al was making fun of a marginalized people
Don't download this song
or I'll sue ya
also cause I got a virus alert from your virus
For that they'll polk ya face
just like a surgeon
cause you lost on jeopardy
You better solve all your first world problems
or you'll live in an Amish paradise
so the saga begins
might not perform this way
cause you're too white & nerdy
So imma get trapped in the drive-thru
This song do not make no since😡.
Coolio did not like it and I don't either😡.
0:30 Michelle Pfeiffer 😉
the song that no one said could be parodied.
and Weird Al said "Bitch hold my beer"
Don't know how to wield these scythes
Living in an Amish Paradise.
00:52 OMG that Butter Churning visual gag :D Subtle :D I love Weird Al!
Isn't the Women in the magazine Al's wife from the beginning
"Look Marge, they're still not fighting back! Hehehehe! I can be a total jerk, and no one can stop me!"
"Party like its 1699" I just got that.
I would love to be an Amish
Ahhh the days before my mind wasn't ruined by BTS
If he's Amish how he recording
I love how he takes the stupidest or trendiest songs and make them f*cked up as hell XD this is one of my favorite songs the weird al sang
Weird Al is the only white guy who deserves to have corn rows.
Hey Weird Al, kannst du micka funga?
A song parody of a song parody, Illuminati confirmed