Westlife - I do lyrics

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Westlife - I do lyrics

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Westlife - I do lyrics Still listening 2018?? 🙋🙋🙋
Älskling , jag vill vara bara din , bara din, 😭
so beautiful and heart touching song.
I believes you! If LOVES stays (GOD IS THERE BETWEEN 2) that's what I believe!,because "HE IS LOVES". If 2 stays together and one is LOVE and the other is hate, "GOD IS NOT IN CONTROL, HE is not there". I loves you forever*****
Love this song. I'll always be here, don't deny me a life time loving you. I give my all to you. I will say I do. Westlife I could listen to your songs all night... Beautiful.❤️❤️
Am Here. Not Gone
I love this song and I want to sing it
Hi I been practice this song in my music lessons I have poetry on U tube by jamie R Hill please do check it out.
Cali❤Annette hahahaha
I love you so much 💕
Free you tube ba sa globe?
Cali and Annette brought me here. This song is wonderful.
To my future husband I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I hope to see you soon my love.. Missing you so much.. Love you so much....
I love you...more
His song to me at our wedding