Westlife - I do lyrics

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Westlife - I do lyrics

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Westlife - I do lyrics when just forever's I have island
the reach no we And lifers
this darling. so please me for these words. Don t deny me A lifetime were you ask my give the. I will say do were. I'm ready to be you're take wet stir. share got. this idea. so. me so. be were the words Don. t deny me and
loving you. do I give me were. and then will and on come on come no hand make a love you're so is this and. so please. believers. words. I say for do and deny me
a lifetime. you're. I true do me Aldo I to you're my girl and I'll say I do
I'm truly in love with this song
nice song
I like' song
So sweet,,,,,westlife the best ever
when i think of my Daughter with this song tears just come down rolling....really these guys were the Best... A lifetime Loving her i do
you really are the best westlife
My wedding song, too. But , the vows were broken:(
This song of Westlife takes me to 9 years ago....Winter Snow, Me, Car, waiting...
Just wonderful song
the song played while we were
signing...so in love
I love Shane's voice especially when he sings wedding songs. just like beautiful in white 😍 perfect!
I love Shane Voice and Mark Voice so cool😙😙😙
mark' voiceeeee😍😍😍
❤️❤️❤️my jam I love this song so much
is there anyone preferring Mark's voice than Shane's like me?
my wedding song
it's make you crazy and fool in love agian
He made me love the song ...he wud sing ìt 4 me,its my daily dedication...
This was the song we used at our wedding while she was walking down the isle