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Westlife - I do lyrics

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Westlife - I do lyrics to my future 💘💕 love me unconditionally then I'll do the same.💖
Love this
norina Zolkafli Ina.... u the only one I will run to coz u my true lovely I luv more
norina Zolkafli Ina.... u the only one I will run to coz u my true lovely I luv more
norina Zolkafli Ina... u b always the 1st I run to....u was my lovely one
Been playing this all morning.
...its been 8 years since I talked to my son's father...my first love...he contacted me today and asked me on a date. I hope this doesn't bite me in the ass later...but for the first time since then I'm naturally happy. Gotta win him back! Wish me luck YouTube!
my eyes are taking a shower
i love it!!!!!
when just forever's I have island
the reach no we And lifers
this darling. so please me for these words. Don t deny me A lifetime were you ask my give the. I will say do were. I'm ready to be you're take wet stir. share got. this idea. so. me so. be were the words Don. t deny me and
loving you. do I give me were. and then will and on come on come no hand make a love you're so is this and. so please. believers. words. I say for do and deny me
a lifetime. you're. I true do me Aldo I to you're my girl and I'll say I do
I'm truly in love with this song
nice song
I like' song
So sweet,,,,,westlife the best ever
when i think of my Daughter with this song tears just come down rolling....really these guys were the Best... A lifetime Loving her i do
you really are the best westlife
My wedding song, too. But , the vows were broken:(
This song of Westlife takes me to 9 years ago....Winter Snow, Me, Car, waiting...
Just wonderful song
the song played while we were
signing...so in love
I love Shane's voice especially when he sings wedding songs. just like beautiful in white 😍 perfect!