Westlife - You Raise Me Up

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Westlife - You Raise Me Up

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Westlife - You Raise Me Up I like this song. I wash my mind warmly.
This was played at my big grans funeral
Im listening to it now, 23rd of August, 2017. Ciz accidentally heard my pupil at school sang it for singing competition. what a memorable song...
i'm 03 kiddo and i love them!
Rip nanna😩❤️always in my heart❤️😩
i'am still listening it in 2017 <3
إسم الفرقة
Im listen to this since i was 5 now i''m 13 still listen to this amazing song im young but i think this song is awsome agree with me?
Ich bin süchtig ich höre das Lied jeden tag
westlife can you be a band again, i wanna hear you guys become together again, make new songs, or sing the song you sang together, i will support you guys.
I think of all the Boy-bands back then, (like Backstreet Boys, and NSYCH) Westlife has the most good looking guys in them. Damn, all of them are so fucking hot, and they're British too so that a fucking plus!
listening then reading comment im feeling sad..hmmm..:'(
is beautiful
Listening in August 2017 from Austria
It is a great song