Wham! - Last Christmas

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Wham! - Last Christmas

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Wham! - Last Christmas สบายดีหรือเปล่า. ....อ้าว ผิดๆ 😄😄😄
Merry Christmas to anybody listening during 2017 Christmas!! In advance.🎄🎄🎄
It's 30 °C outside and I'm listening to this song :)
khakhakha cold cold Lonely Christmas khakhakha cold cold lonely 😂😂😂😂
I was just listening to old music & end it up here & just realise I know the song
bts used to sing it God its so good
One of the BEST Christmas/Love Songs I have heard! :)
very nice that is so good
It's May 2017 and I'M SO READY FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!
Georges sache que tu seras toujours dans mon cœur ❤️❤️ Quel perte😢😢
Oh don't Mind me just listening to Christmas music in late may 😁
I loved him so much I did my bio report on him R.I.P George Michael...😪
i swear i'm the only listening to this
this is my favorite Christmas song
Last Christmas I gave my heart
But the very next day you said you were gay 😂
Kto słucha teraz ?
Christmas 🎄 it is summer may but who cares Christmas should be all year round xxxxx WOOOOHOOOOOO
no .. comment
yep... still my favorite
Can we get Last Christmas to a billion views by this Christmas?