Why Does It Take So Long to Get to Mercury?

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Why Does It Take So Long to Get to Mercury?

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Why Does It Take So Long to Get to Mercury? CMB = GRAVITY - CMB is cold light
when you move toward the sun you gain speed cause of the CMB which is cold light that did not make it through the way out of the sistem, on the contrarie you go against it
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Oh hey, Bepi will do Earth flyby next year on my birthday :)
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Fun fact: The Messenger probe's final orbit altitude was between 300 metres and 500 metres travelling at 8000+mph. Imagine seeing that from the planet! It crossed from horizon to horizon in about 1 or 2 seconds at the height of a skyscraper. I dont know about you but to me this is mind blowing.
This guy is one of my favorite presenters, I feel like he would have hosted a show on G4 back in the day or something.
Maybe because mercury is flat.
I have a better solution. They could get the probe to low earth orbit than send a extra fuel stage or two to put on and take a faster route sure it is a little more expensive but we won't need to wait 5 years to get it there
Without watching the video, it's really far away.
It's not easy to fall into the sun. ?
Could they use a solar sail like a solar parachute to slow the crafts down? I don't super understand them, but wouldn't the radiation pressure from the Sun be super strong at Mercury level distances? Maybe one day.
It’s called the sun and it is very hot 🥵 A gradual approach is required because of this. Also, spacecraft design becomes very expensive to tolerate the heat.
You mean besides the fact Mercury is 48 million miles from earth
It takes that long to get to Mercury because the Sun is in your eyes for the whole trip.
We can go to Mars but can’t get back to the Moon because we lost the instructions, on how. You believe that also?
They can insert a piece of tin in Mercury's orbit but can't install a cerebral cortex in the White House.
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