FOCUS - Ariana Grande (House of Halo #WITHOUTMUSIC parody)

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FOCUS - Ariana Grande (House of Halo #WITHOUTMUSIC parody)

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FOCUS - Ariana Grande (House of Halo #WITHOUTMUSIC parody) Cardi b bad bunny I like it like that
The farts tho 😂
Ariana Grande does not sound like that y'all are fake
Lol when she was yawning x
0:23, is one SAMSUNG?
0:15 wtf
The goddess of without music
0:15 did she fart?!
Wow she know how to sing really well and touch instruments 🎺 too wow and she cray cray
Lol she dis

Dies. At the end xd but she falls
0:34 rararahlapl 😂
How do u get these sounds?
0:18 That doesnt sound too bad...
I wonder if they really sent the without music to these people! That would be awesome
way too funny
0:14 omg lol
Wut is this? XD
it was actually hot when she said "fuck fuck" on 0:08, hahahhaa