Woodkid - I Love You (Official Video)

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Woodkid - I Love You (Official Video)

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Woodkid - I Love You (Official Video) I love. You. So. Much.
Moi perso je doit l'apprendre pout le collège
At last, he turned into wood.
Of Monsters and Men
Dear woodkid, please produce more songs like this one
Boy didn't run enough.
Одна из лучших песен, которые я слышала когда-либо! СПАСИБО БОЛЬШОЕ🙌
beautiful song, woodkid is an underrated band
Why does it have so many unlikes.. it's a really nice song..
Two words : from heaven .
Music is my life
Oh my Sven.. ♥
Матвей Лыков😍😍😍
СТОП, ЭТО РУССАКАЯ ГРУППА? Да не, бред какой-то...
this kind of reminds me of solavellan