Woodkid - I Love You (Official Video)

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Woodkid - I Love You (Official Video)

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Woodkid - I Love You (Official Video) I'm getting the sense that he's playing a song about his plast life that's what I'm getting from everyone else
Он русский бля??
Not even a natural phenomenon ..dami nyan kaya sa ibat ibang sulok ng mundo..lols..that is called clouds...
Love that is not reciprocated hurts 😭💔
Motherland? Great!
beautiful special effects, I love you Yoann <3
giannhs diammmm thymamai tote sta xwrafiaa
Арман , ты ли это...
I so needed more of that intro tune
Dam you thanos!
I dont feel so good 5:23
Love deeply you!
What can i say? Beautiful
Bellissima canzone mi da sensazioni di libertà.
j adore magnifique , beaucoup d émotion
AT 1:11 he says my woman's name (I think)

I have a huge crush on this girl called tatjana baleta. I've had this crush for 8 years now and it doesn't make sense...right?
1:46 Is it just me or does he look like Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen from Twilight)
Idk what this music video is about but it made me very sad