Woodkid - I Love You (Official Video)

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Woodkid - I Love You (Official Video)

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Woodkid - I Love You (Official Video) it made more sense in the perfume commercial
What those hands have done to us ?
Just epic : 3:44
Is it the story of a priest who suffers for the kid he killed by love ?
я подпрыгнула, когда русский услышала
De base cetais pas la musique d'une pub de voiture? Bref en tout cas comment j'aime putain !
Anyone know what he says in the beginning in English?
No. 1 & Fun
2018? Anyone from 2018?
5.8k niki minaj fans
My cousin indicated me this master peace
listening and watching again and again for years. and it's good to see that people are discovering this song...
love this song
After one year of not listening to this music i remember the lyrics wow
Горжусь, что русский- ему бы в кино сниматьcя, как папе, но денег там не платят
Wtf russian?
Pleasant song, pretty words and spectacular video. Bravo Woodkid! <3
2018 anyone
The boy had to run more...
I dont know why that guy in MV is a Russian man. But when I realised that Russian dont like the LGBT, dont know why I feel really hurt for this guy.