World´s Best 3D SBS Side by Side POP OUT Effects EVER, Part 1 (VR Glasses!)

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World´s Best 3D SBS Side by Side POP OUT Effects EVER, Part 1 (VR Glasses!)

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World´s Best 3D SBS Side by Side POP OUT Effects EVER, Part 1 (VR Glasses!) Is it 3d effective video.... Without prepared already... Hell with this
movies makers should learn from this, all big 3d movies are so boring that you are better watching it without 3d. If movies would add at least 5-6 of this 3d effects it would worth watch it
Struggling for words, could watch this 24/7! Plain amazing.
As others said, no cardboard or whatsoever needed, just paralleling my eyes. Tip: Try touching your nose with the edge of your flat hand while watching this to create a short wall between your eyes. This will help you concentrate at the middle stereoscopic picture.
Pls where us thé video with the fish come from?
Please upload more like this
Not good
In vr best
Excellent.. busco el del rey calabaza
still blur becausr resolution just 720p not 1080p or higher
can i see it in vr box?
its nice app
What idiot put this in 720p?
I like you
watch this 👇👇
sigh much I enjoying looking at and watching Stereoscopic 3D, I’m tired of seeing these short clip demos. Or these show 3D off potential teasers, I wanna see actual shows in 3D, see more movies made and redone in 3D, see more games making use of 3D.

I just wish they put as much effort in that like they do with VR... maybe Stereoscopic would be more relevant. Because imho I just see 3D tech demos, cuz that’s what it seems like just showing off 3D capability and not make full use of it.

Stop the 3D teaser trailers and give us actually Stereoscopic 3D shit dammit!!!
Y’know what irks me is they give of VR and Stereoscopic 3D, don’t really give it to us it’s always trailers, demos, or limited short videos.

And it seems like they go way more for VR than 3D. It’s like they just shit on 3D, while VR gets all the limelight. Yea I get it VR is immersive and so is 3D in perspective.

I wish they would so much love to Stereoscopic 3D like they do with VR then maybe we wouldn’t get these half ass demo videos or these limited 3D showcase! I want them to put more effort like they do with making these Partial VR demo games and or VR partial Vids!!! If you gonna do it... do it all the way and go in balls deep!

Just had to rant and get that off my chest... just see a lot of VR favorites, VR this and VR that. But see 3D this and yep onto the next one.
Where is the snake and the money at the end from?