Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph ft. Cappadonna (Official Music Video)

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Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph ft. Cappadonna (Official Music Video)

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Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph ft. Cappadonna (Official Music Video) The beat hard
Inspectah Deck just murdered this track in his opener. I am ready to say this is the Best opening rhymes of all time!
Wu-Tang Clan is good! But method man! He's the main one that caught my attention with his flow! I like that motorbike scene! Dope!
Truth Is The Sword👻 👀The Specialist 😇
This old dirty man! LOL 😂
What you thought, you wasn’t gonna see me?!
Don't jump dirt.
Nice beat. I didn't know it before.
ainda vendo esse clip em 2019.
ghostface in this shit, omfg wutang will always be the sickest
Best song ever made PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!
Mumble shit and tattoo faced clown belong in a mental asylum or in a circus
This is Real Hip Hop Forever
7,700 people will not triumph
One of thr illest hip hop songs of all time ....let's not forget this wad a time dominated by pimp, gangster imagery versace and player narratives. .
Wu tang kicked the door off of the hinges. .
Pocket full of shells, out the sky GOLDENARMS!
War the masters
March 2019! Wow look at how creative these guys were back then...record company screwed them...miss real HH, rip HH
Still their hottest track... Love the fact that every member has a rhyme on that track!
I love it's hit