Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph ft. Cappadonna

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Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph ft. Cappadonna

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Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph ft. Cappadonna agree Hadouken9590 this song is really good!
agree Hadouken9590 this song is really good!
Wu-Tang is for the children...
Until Victory came out this was the most expensive rap video made. 1997 had the game on another level
Wu-Tang should go on a national tour they will smash.
Why does this go so hard?
Wu TaNG ..Old DaYs GaNg
I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies
And hypothesis can’t define how I be droppin these

ummmmm of course Socrates philosophies and hypothesis cant define how he be droppin them cause he just said he drops atomically...they weren't aware of nuclear fusion thousands of years ago.....duh...
Was that Quincy Jones rocking with them in this video?
What happened to our culture man ...
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i bomb atomically!

how you just go in like that
Thumbs Down On This Video Wow Must Be Future Fetty Wap Ass Niggaz
anyone can appreciate the poetry!!
🤚 down Method Man definitely Put the Wu on his back!! Far as being the frontman!!!
favorite Wu-Tang Clan song of all-time. this song is so ill it don't even NEED a chorus.
😎LMAO the white lady old dirty 😎
i would love to see this performed with a live band with them spittin....if you wit me where the fuck you at? lol
2:23 Is that a fucking Rasengan? Lmao 😂