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Xzibit - X

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Xzibit - X 100/100 👌👍
Dre look younger in this video than in his Chronic videos
Yeah ladies and gentlemen broadcasting live to you and yours its Mr.X to the Z Xzibit yeah bouncing come on the first day of the rest of my life X stand behind the mic like Walker cronkite yall keep the spotlight I'm keeping my rhymes tight lose sight of what you believe and call it a night
Back when Xzibit gained his popularity thanks to Snoop,Dre and Pimp my ride
Go listen to your Morrron 5 if your not happy !!!
X made me do it gangsta rap where ya at its not exculusive just u need where ya look at.
up and down my DICK, like the stock exchange, x to the muthafukin` z
Real rap no tipi tapi
To watch his transition from his underground days to this made me happy as a fan . I said X worked hard and he finally made it to where he should be 💪🏾
I liked snoop at the end of the song he said all x types, including x-caliper weapon. That’s funny 😄
Xzibit is sooo underrated! Rawest rapper after pac
Xzibittttt.this was hiphop we in2019
I had his cd damn man im getting old...
X marks the spot! 🎯🏹
Motorola 😂
the ones who are here, respect u my G:s
he looks like king bach in the thumbnail xD
Maby this guy is a pervert
Xzibit is underrated as fuck, never hear anyone talk about him anymore.