"Young Forever/Halo" #OnTheRunHBO

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"Young Forever/Halo" #OnTheRunHBO

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"Young Forever/Halo" #OnTheRunHBO I made happy just how both of them were looking at blue when she was a baby its just so cute
This was so beauuuuutiful..... God bless them and us.. thank you Jay Z and Beyonce for those beautiful words and love.
maaaan I love this..who wants that perfect love story anyway 🙌
4:41 I loooost it when she said hold up 😭😭
30 million views
Linda, poderosa, diva, maravilhosa, Beyonce forever
2017 alguem ainda ver esse video ou só eu ??
That make me cry
i begaj .
nishto vaka. daj im krfche normalno vo teloto na sekoj choek kolku da prodolzhi ponatamu na kopno.
zemale do srce .ako ti e dete formiraj si drug pat semejstvo.sramota e .
ne be dete i taa ima pazar .zeeemi ti teknuva formiraj si semejstvo ...
ne be dete da te nema daj im krfche kolku da prodolzhat so pazarot .
sramota e .
ne be sve pod konec koj ve dava.
I cried
wonderful.the Love is there :0)
They are in love real love
Nyc song but what shall a man benefit if he gains the world but lose his soul?