"Young Forever/Halo" #OnTheRunHBO

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"Young Forever/Halo" #OnTheRunHBO

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"Young Forever/Halo" #OnTheRunHBO this made me cry, they should be so proud
Amei !!!
Not for homosexuals but for people who believe in traditional family value. No gays no less allowed here. This is beautiful. No shame
Got me ugly crying over here!
literally makes me cry every fucking time
Yes, I wanna be forever young. Thank you Beyonce and Jay Z
This is the greatest video I've ever seen. Thank you Queen for making my day.
Reply more than 100x watching this perform 😍
The alleged infidelity was prior to this, makes this an even more powerful performance. Long Live Jayonce!!!!!!!!!
OMG <3
Lindos amooooo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Forever young! :D <3
The crowd is lit
Did anyone notice the title said "Young Forever" when it's actually called "Forever Young"?
their voices and song really do touch my heart. best duet ✔❤ July 2017
like this very well
Always makes me tear up 😪
Whose z still watching this show guys@
Beyonce is beautiful but her husband is... 😒