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ZZ Top - Legs (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) 乇 乂 ㄒ 尺 卂 ㄒ 卄 丨 匚 匚
There were no babes quite like 80's babes.
Sod me, I  brought the album 35 years ago. Good job I'm still a fun lovin' young lad.
Duck Dynasty.......yez.
it can never be to late to watch this and fall in lust with the model in the red top....! Smokin Hot....!
Oh, yeah, those were THE DAYS!!!
The days when music was great and life was fun
The way Kymberly Herrin (woman in red top) tells it, the lead girl was a snobby brat to work with.
Nobody is going 2 Hot me Spot King of Kool :Billy and Dusty
The many styles clothes I have worn have want more
Gotta love billings bulls hockey team in your towels in the hallway I cleaned😉
Went to this concert with my son ROBBY with Bernie Harrington easy check cashing fairboard member at metrapark arena
My grandfather been through a plethora of concerts. He said his loudest all time was zz top. He said Axel rose was whiney girl. Kiss had the best pyrokinetics. And led zeppelin was the most thrilling concert. I love talking to him about music still to this day. That conversation was maybe 10 years ago
okay guys... never happen in TEXAS... in real Tejas
I see this video like an 80s Cinderella story. It makes sense: the pretty but shy girl is mistreated, the handsome fry cook is like the prince charming, the girl's coworkers act like the wicked stepmother and stepbrother, the band are like fairy godfathers whilethe ZZ Top girls are like fairy godsisters, the car would be a rad pumpkin coach, the girl gets a makeover, etc. and the boy and girl live happily ever after. Pretty fitting, huh? So far, this is my favorite music video.
guitar spin at 1:48
LOL! I just cannot believe how they are objectifying these poor women! PFF GMAFB!